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M2Gen® was created by Moffitt Cancer Center in 2006 as a service company to operationalize a groundbreaking five-year, $150 million collaboration in personalized medicine between Moffitt and Merck. From that beginning, M2Gen has developed informatics and R&D solutions that provide an intelligence-rich system for rapid drug discovery and development.

The M2Gen Biorepository offers the world’s largest cancer-focused tissue biobank linked to longitudinal clinical and molecular data. The biorepository provides well-annotated, high-quality tissue and clinical data to support research and clinical partnerships.  M2Gen’s biorepository team includes dedicated pathologists, biobanking specialists and licensed laboratory staff. Quality control assessment is performed by board-certified pathologists.

Core M2Gen competencies are aggregating and transforming patient molecular and clinical data into outcome-determinative biointelligence, and leveraging that intelligence to accelerate the discovery, development and delivery of personalized diagnostics and therapeutics. Its core asset, the M2Gen informatics repository, contains data on more than 400,000 patients, 40,000 tissue samples and 20,000 molecular data files.